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Renovation progress report – week 52

It’s been a year since we closed on our new-to-us house (yesterday). Hard to believe. Time has flown. You can read about this HUD house here. On the day we closed. Kinda looked like a murder scene. Ick. But it had lots of potential. Underneath there somewhere. It’s beginning to come out. It just took […]

Renovation progress report – week 18

Hubby is officially out of commission for the month, traveling on business. And, as per usual, within 24 hours of him rolling out of town (to warm and sunny Texas, no less), we got our first snow and I had to shovel by myself. Okay, well, technically, I didn’t shovel. I just stomped through it […]

Your questions – answered

Our renovation posts have been eliciting the same questions in comments and emails again and again, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to it. (But don’t let the prior sentence lead you to believe I don’t love getting comments and emails. Makes me feel as famous as my girl J-Lo, sans the money and […]

Our First Renovation

The year 2009 brought NewlyWoodwards many more blogging friends, which is exciting. *waves* I thought some of our new and old friends may appreciate a recap of our home renovation, which was the bulk of this blog in its early life. (I call it the first renovation because we finished our second reno on a […]

An ode to ’09

The end of the year brings out something crazy in me. I want to wrap up the year in a neat little bow for myself, and for you. But, that’s not so easy. So, are you wondering how this crazy blogger with unrestricted access to a keyboard will wrap up the year? I’ll do it […]

Rental Reno – bedrooms and recap

The final rooms in the little house are the bedrooms. They are both quite small, but look much better now. Unfortunately, one bedroom seems to be an add-on and has no closet. We hope the closet in the porch area helps, but this would also make a good office. Front bedroom: Back bedroom: These rooms […]